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Contrast Foundry
UX Email Writing

For its renewed website Contrast Foundry needed auto-replies for the key points of the user journey
(subscription, signup, account confirmation, password reset, order confirmation).

My input

Collaboration with Contrast Foundry designers to identify and put together all key points in the user journey, that needed email communication

Cataloguing of the identified email communication triggers

Revising the existing and developing new copy for all of the emails (subject lines, body text, CTA) polishing the CoFo’s voice and tone

Contrast Foundry's renewed website

Contrast Foundry's renewed website


In 2019 Type Design Studio Contrast Foundry based in Moscow and San Francisco decided to update their website (you can read about it here) and launch their own font shop and blog to educate existing and prospective clients and customers about typography in general, various types of typefaces, and urgent topics in the design industry.

The interface was developed by the White Russian studio and initially was available only in English. But soon enough it became obvious that localization in Russian was needed as well as a thorough revision of all the microcopy, navigation, labels, buttons, error messages, and automatic replies. The first step in the process of relaunching the website was to finalize the email writing.


The main challenge was to find the right tone of voice based on the characteristics of the target audience. 


Many things needed a thorough analysis and close consideration. The initial copy in auto-replies was very bland and flat and didn’t correspond to the lively and bright Contrast Foundry’s personality in any way.

To set the right tone for the email sequences (and not only for them, as we were dealing with the whole complex of UX texts for the brand) and address users in a correct way, I needed to define what’s Contrast Foundry’s DNA and mission, what’s important to them. The following words of the founder of the studio Maria Doreuli became the starting point in the journey.

'We always think long-term and invest in sustainable type design without sacrificing the originality. We care about everything — the team and the climate in our studio, the software we use and the way we elaborate our ideas, the clients and building long-standing relationships with each of them. At the end of the day every little detail matters and affects both the process and the result — how the typeface will be used and how it will make people feel. That’s what we call organic design'.
Maria Doreuli, Contrast Foundry's founder

Having this part covered, I moved to the users. The biggest part of the audience is represented by designers specializing in different fields. So from there, I knew that the most common user persona is geeky and nerdy, meticulous, and scrupulous. Out of professional deformation, which is quite understandable, they pay attention to the smallest of details and care a lot about functionality going hand in hand with good design. In order to speak the same language with them, I conducted a market analysis and made a list of niche websites, websites with good design and cool microcopy, and websites that were a reference point for the studio's design team. And I looked at the wording they were using in the email sequences. 

My list included Eye on Design, Sharp Type, Dense Discovery, Slanted, Baggu. First of all, the research helped me define the Contrast Foundry's voice—friendly and quirky, sophisticated and refined, inclusive, and considerate. And then I knew how to choose the right tone for the email sequences: friendly and fun, but also serious, appropriate, and concise. That's how, for instance, I ended up adding a simple, but nice 'Love, CoFo' at the end of every email. 

New CoFo Emails